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30 May 2015 ~ Mobile Apps ~ 0 Comments

Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus for Android Free Six Months Subscription

Bitdefender is well known for their security products for Windows. The developers of the same firm has also developed a security product for the android operating system that aims to protect your device from theft, viruses, malwares, phishing sites and more. The application is very light on your android device, and has virtually no effect on your battery backup and ram usage – considering the fact that it always runs in the background. The antivirus scanner is cloud based and you have to connected to the cloud to perform a scan of your device. Most of the antivirus testing firms have highly recommended Bitdefender due to its high detection rates.

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26 May 2015 ~ Screen Capture / Recorder ~ 0 Comments

Free Ashampoo Snap 8 Serial Key

Screen capture feature is natively built into Windows. The keyboard even has a dedicated key (PrtScn) to grab the current screen, but then you have to use a program like MS paint to save the screen capture in an image format. The feature is limited, as it captures the whole screen and windows clipboard holds only one item, which means you have to save your current capture before you can use the PrtScn key again.

Ashampoo Snap 8 is a screen capture program that provides multiple capture modes: fixed area, free area, timer-based and more, to cover all possible eventualities. Fixed area mode captures active application window, free area allows the user to select and capture any part of the screen and time-based capture automatically captures the screen at a specific interval. In addition to screen capture, it is capable of recording the live screen with audio and exporting it as a video file.

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24 May 2015 ~ Antivirus / AntiSpyware ~ 0 Comments

Dr.Web Security Space Pro 9 Free 90 Days Serial Number

Dr.Web Security Space is complete security solution with new advanced features that goes far beyond standard antivirus protection. The program is capable of curing already infected systems, even without installation. It protects users from the following types of malware threats: Mass-mailing worms, E-mail viruses, File viruses, Trojans, Stealth viruses, Polymorphic viruses, Bodiless viruses, Macro viruses, MS Office viruses, Script viruses, Spyware, Password stealers, Keyloggers, Paid Dialers, Adware, Riskware, Hacktools, Backdook and many more.

Databases of Dr.Web Security Space are very compact and updated frequently on a daily basis. Its unique technology is also capable of neutralizing and removing unknown malware threats, without the help of signature updates.

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22 May 2015 ~ Maintenance / Optimization ~ 0 Comments

Optimize your PC Performance with Auslogics BoostSpeed 7 Premium [Free]

Windows has the tendency to retain data that is no longer needed by the user. We refer to this data as junk, and too much junk can slow down your system. Junk can be in the form of temporary files, system updates, and traces of uninstalled programs. Windows has a built in tool to clean leftovers known as disk cleanup tool. The tool is only good for cleaning leftovers created by the operating system. Junk created by third party apps needs to be cleaned using advanced system maintenance programs such as Auslogics BoostSpeed. The reason behind this is, third party apps may create junk files in unusual locations, store history of accessed files, and leave broken registry entries when uninstalled.

Auslogics BoostSpeed is a complete system maintenance package that includes 19 different tools to take complete care of your windows operating system. The suite includes a junk cleaner, startup manager, registry cleaner, registry defrag, disk defrag, uninstall manager, duplicate file finder, disk doctor, disk explorer, internet optimizer, task manager, service manager, browser care, file shredder, file recovery and free space wiper module.

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21 May 2015 ~ PDF Tools ~ 0 Comments

novaPDF Lite 8 Free Registration Key

NovaPDF Lite is designed to produce high quality PDF files from documents and windows that are printable by windows. It installs a virtual printer driver that allows you to use the “print” command to output any document as PDF. This technique converts any kind of printable document including Word documents, Excel sheets, PowerPoint presentations, AutoCad drawings, E-mails, and Web pages to PDF without any loss of document format or quality.

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20 May 2015 ~ Maintenance / Optimization ~ 0 Comments

Process Lasso 8 Free Registration Key

Process Lasso allows you to optimize the priority of windows programs and stabilize system performance. Windows by default allows programs to monopolize resource usage, which leads to delays in key strokes and system freeze. Process Lasso uses a unique technology known as Probalance that automatically re-prioritizes the processes of badly behaved programs and prevents such things from happening. In addition, Process Lasso allows users to set the default priorities of programs, auto-terminate disallowed programs, keep logs of programs, and auto-restart programs.

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19 May 2015 ~ Graphic Viewers / Editors ~ 1 Comment

TeoreX Inpaint 5.6 FREE Download with Serial KeyCode

Inpaint is a very simple image editing software which can be used to delete any unwanted object from images, such as extra power-line, people, watermark and text. The program automatically reconstructs the selected image area with intelligently generated texture drawn from the surrounding image data. To remove an unwanted object, you just need to draw the area you want to remove and run the smart remove selection tool.

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16 May 2015 ~ Antivirus / AntiSpyware ~ 0 Comments

Bitdefender Internet Security 2015 Free 6 Months License Key

Bitdefender Internet Security 2015 builds on highly awarded technology to ensure secure e-banking and e-shopping, online safety for kids, privacy protection on social networks and more. It automatically blocks websites that support various scams or credit card phishing attempts, gives advance warning of risky websites right in your Google and Bing search results, immunizes Flash Drives from viruses, stops unwanted e-mail from ever reaching your inbox, monitors your internet connections, and removes any kind of malware known or unknown that intends to harm your system.

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16 May 2015 ~ Mobile Tools ~ 0 Comments

X-Mirage Free 1 Year Subscription

Apple’s Airplay technology is designed to stream the iOS screen wirelessly on Apple TV and other Airplay supported TVs. However, if you want to stream your iOS screen on your PC or Mac, you will need this app called X-Mirage.

X-Mirage is a screen mirroring application that supports streaming audio and video in real time. You can enjoy apps, games, photos, videos, presentations, websites and more on your big computer screen. Multi device streaming is supported, which allows you to share live game screen with another user.

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14 May 2015 ~ Backup / Recovery ~ 0 Comments

EaseUS EverySync with Cloud Connection Support [Free Download]

EaseUS is a well known company for building backup, recovery and file management tools. EverySync is another backup tool from the company that is designed to meet todays’ file backup standards. EverySync adds support to cloud storage services, namely, Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox.

Cloud storage services have become very popular in recent years, as they make file synchronization easier. It always provides the latest version of your work, no matter which system you use. You no longer need to setup expensive cross-site file replication systems.

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13 May 2015 ~ Maintenance / Optimization ~ 0 Comments

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 11 Free Full Version Key

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 11 is a complete system utility suite that provides all the tools necessary for system optimization. The new version of Ashampoo WinOptimizer comes with a revamped  interface that provides quicker access to all the important tools.

The application cleans unused temporary files, protects your privacy by removing traces left from internet browsing, removes and repairs windows registry, and even defragments hard drives.

WinOptimizer 11 includes tools to manage applications. Tools such as startup manager, process manager and uninstall manager helps you to manage installed apps and even remove unwanted traces of them.

File managing tools helps you to permanently delete private data, recover accidental data and even split or join files.

In addition to all these, WinOptimizer can also be used a system analysis tool as it has the ability to run benchmarks of main memory and processor, analyze file and folder structure, and check hard drives for errors.

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12 May 2015 ~ Screen Capture / Recorder ~ 0 Comments

Balesio ALLCapture 3.0 Free Serial Number

Balesio AllCapture is a tool designed to record your computer screen in video. There are several situations where you may want to record the activity on your screen. For instance, you may want to record a live streaming video for safekeeping, record the activities on a software for creating a demonstration or record a gaming session to show it off to others. Whatever may be the reason, recording the screen is a very important feature that is missing in the Windows operating system.

AllCapture supports capturing part of your desktop or your entire desktop. To start recording, you first have to create a new project where you will be asked to set the recording parameters. Here you can set the resolution, frame rate, input sound device, toggle mouse activity, and time limit of your recording session. You can set the resolution to full screen, and the program will automatically use your current monitor resolution. Make sure to use the correct sound device, as it is crucial for recording the proper sound in your video. Use the default sound output device for recording system sound and line in device for recording your own speech via a microphone.

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11 May 2015 ~ Misc. Security ~ 2 Comments

F-Secure Key Password Manager Free 1 Year Subscription

Using an ordinary password or the same password across multiple sites can be a security risk, and this is why you should always use a password manager. A password manager not only remembers your passwords, but also allows you to create strong passwords.

F-Secure Key is a multi-platform password manager that you can use to store passwords, email IDs, site logins, PIN codes and other credentials securely. You just need to remember the master password of F-Secure Key to get access to all your stored credentials. Data stored in F-Secure Key is safe from hackers as it is encrypted with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256) algorithm.

Saved credentials can be used to quickly login to sites whether you are using your desktop browser or mobile app. F-Secure Key will allow you to enter the login data with just a click. However, saving new credentials from browser or app is not supported.

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10 May 2015 ~ Audio / Video Editors ~ 0 Comments

Get Free License of Guitar Pro Lite

Guitar Pro is a program designed to edit tablatures for guitar, bass, and other fretted instruments from 4 to 8 strings. With Guitar Pro, you will be able to learn how to play, compose, and improve your guitar skills.

Its great ease of use and the success of its specific file format have made it a software used by guitarists worldwide. It now includes editing support for many other instruments like the piano or the drums, a realistic audio engine, and interactive tools to support every musician’s practice.

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10 May 2015 ~ VPN ~ 0 Comments

Cyberghost VPN Premium Account FREE 3 Months Subscription

Cyberghost VPN is a fast and reliable premium VPN service that allows users to surf the web anonymously through a very secure 128-bit SSL encrypted connection. The program is very easy-to-use and requires no expert configuration. Users can switch to secure browsing mode with a single click on the “Power” button.

Once connected to Cyberghost VPN service a new IP address is provided by the client software and the real IP address is hidden from the web. Your virtual location is displayed on a map.

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