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Steganos Safe 16 Free Full Version Download

If you have confidential data on your computer and do not want strangers to have access to them, then you need this program called Steganos Safe. It creates highly encrypted vaults on your hard drive where you can store confidential information. The vaults are portable in nature, which allows them to be securely carried on […]

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Steganos Password Manager 16 Free Reg Code

You may be using the same account password on social media, forums, banking and other websites because it is easy to remember. The password created by you may be strong with random letters, number and symbols but it still poses a major security risk. If the user credentials of even a single site is breached, […]

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F-Secure Key Password Manager Free 1 Year Subscription

Using an ordinary password or the same password across multiple sites can be a security risk, and this is why you should always use a password manager. A password manager not only remembers your passwords, but also allows you to create strong passwords. F-Secure Key is a multi-platform password manager that you can use to […]

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RoboForm Everywhere Free 1 Year Subscription

Couple of weeks ago, we shared Sticky Password offer, which is a password manger. RoboForm is another password manager that does the same job. The program is available in two different editions, desktop and everywhere. The everywhere edition stores you data online, which allows you to synchronize your data with multiple computers, and mobile devices. […]

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Ashampoo Privacy Protector Free Download

Information that you do not want others to see or do not even want on your system may be accessible to prying eyes. This information may be in the form of web browsing history, cookies, web searches, videos viewed, form info, application temporary files and so on. You can manually remove this information from each […]

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Sticky Password 8 Free 1 Year License

Using the same password across multiple sites and apps is never secure. All it takes is a single password to be leaked and all your online accounts are at risk of being misused by cybercriminals. Using different combinations of password and user IDs is always a safe bet, but that would also mean remembering thousands […]

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Steganos Privacy Suite 15 Free Serial Number

Steganos Privacy Suite is designed to protect your sensitive information from data thieves and cyber criminals. You may store your financial records in a simple excel sheet and save it on your PC, Laptop or USB stick, but if that device is stolen the data is instantly available to the thief. Privacy Suite protects you […]

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LastPass Premium Free 12 Months Subscription

We all know the dangers of using the same password across multiple sites, some websites also require you to change the password every X days, and remembering different password combinations for each site is very difficult. LastPass is a powerful password manager that helps to store passwords of different sites and relieves you from the […]

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Permanently Erase Files with Ashampoo FileWiper

File deleted from the hard drive can be recovered using data recovery software and other forensic tools. This is because, when you delete a file, Windows removes the file name and path from the file system and marks the cluster available to use. The deleted file can be easily recovered unless the free cluster where […]

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O&O SafeErase 6 Registration Key

Files deleted by the operating system can be recovered. Deleting files in reality just makes the data unreadable to the operating system. The old data actually still resides in the free space recovered from deleting the data. Unless, the free space is re-written by new data the old data can be easily recovered with data […]

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Abelssoft Codify Free Download

The recent NSA surveillance program scandal shows that the NSA can tap into secure communication channels and even read your emails. Therefore, sending confidential text through emails is not secure anymore. What you need to do is encrypt text prior to sending them through emails. Abelssoft Codify is a powerful text encryption program that uses […]

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East-Tec SafeBit 2 Free Full Version Key

East-Tec SafeBit is a file encryption program that can create encrypted volumes where you can store files and folders. All data inside the encrypted volumes is protected and cannot be accessed without the correct password. Volumes can be mounted as drives and used with windows explorer like any other drive. It uses strong 256-bit AES […]

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Free Sticky Password Pro 6

Remembering different passwords for various websites is not easy and very few websites allow you to login using your social network account. Sticky Password for PC is a password management application that remembers your credentials of known websites and automatically logs you into those websites upon further visits. It supports almost all known browsers, including, […]

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TrustPort Tools Free 3 Months Trial Code

TrustPort Tools is an ideal solution for businesses and individuals who are looking for a security suite to protect their sensitive information. The program uses encrypted archives to store data. The encrypted archive can be mounted in the form of virtual disks, which allows you to work on them like regular disks. The major advantage […]

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