Free 1 Year Zemana Antilogger License [ Giveaway]

Keylogging is a one of the most common techniques used by hackers to steal personal data. To keep ourselves safe from key-loggers we need to use antivirus or anti-spyware program. But no matter what we use it is not enough since traditional antivirus software use signature based detection to detect key-loggers. So what if a key-logger bypasses signature based detection? This is where Zemana Antilogger comes in. It is a program which specializes in key logger detection and protects you from all kinds of keyloggers including screen-logger, webcam-logger and clipboard-logger without relying on signature updates. previously gave away free 3 year license of Zemana Antilogger, but due to some disagreement the license was blacklisted by Zemana. The license currently offered by is for 1 Year.

Follow these steps to grab your free 1 year subscription:
1. Visit the Giveaway Page
2. Enter your name and email address (as illustrated in the screen below), then click on the “Senden” button.

3. Instantly, you will receive a confirmation email from Click on the confirmation link.

4. You will receive another mail with your license key. (may take upto an hour to arrive)

Zemana Antilogger is compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP.

Download Zemana Antilogger 1.9.2: Zemana_AntiLogger_1.9.2.731.exe [8 MB]


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