[Free] OkayFreedom 1 Year Premium Code

Like other VPN providers, OkayFreedom protects your privacy by encrypting all outgoing and incoming traffic. This is very useful if you are surfing from a public place or if you are concerned about your ISP sniffing your traffic. The encrypted traffic is tunneled to other secure servers, which prevents the web from tracking your activities and seeing your actual IP address. This also allows you to access websites that are restricted to a particular country or blocked in your country. The current version of OkayFreedom offers secure servers from five different countries Germany, U.S.A, Switzerland, France and U.K.


OkayFreedom is available in two different plans, free and premium. The free plan has a traffic limitation of 1 GB per month, while the premium flat rate plan has no such limitations. The following promotion from PC Format will provide you with a premium license valid for 1 year, free of cost.

Visit the offer page and enter your email address to receive your free license.

To redeem your premium code, right click on the OkayFreedom taskbar icon, click on “Enter Premium Code (serial number)” option, and enter the code.

Download OkayFreedom VPN Clientokayfreedomintdl.exe [20 MB]

OkayFreedom has a reputation of bundling adware into their setup. In our tests, we found that the free plan does display ads in web browsers. The premium plan on the other hand doesn’t. Install at your own risk.


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