System Mechanic 16 Free Subscription for 6 Months

System Mechanic is a well-recognized system utility that boosts the performance of your windows operating system. The program is offered in three different editions: Free, Standard and Pro. Today, we are going to be talking about the standard edition as the developers are currently giving away 6 months (180 days) subscription, completely free of charge. The Pro edition, which is also teased as the flagship, offers the most features. You will be missing three key features with the standard edition: Antivirus (System Shield), File Recovery (Search and Recover) and Secure Deletion (Drive Scrubber)

The installation process is short and only provides you the option to change the default installation directory. On the first run, the suit started scanning the system without asking for permission. After the scan was complete, it displayed the system status and the number of issues that can be fixed. The fixes are left to the user to handle – You can choose to fix all the issues by clicking on ‘Repair all’ or review each item and decide. You can also skip the repairing process by clicking on any item on the left sidebar, but the dashboard will keep showing your current issues until you repair them.


On the left sidebar, you will find tabs that list the individual tools that make up System Mechanic. Toolbox lists the tools that can optimize, clean, repair, protect, secure, and maintain your operating system.

Active Care is a background service that performs certain tasks when the system is idle. All the background tasks are enabled by default, however, you can toggle the status of services that clean out junk files, eliminate unwanted startup programs, optimize internet connection, and defragment drive.

LiveBoost consists of three tools, OptiCore to manage resource intensive programs, RAMJet to recover trapped memory from terminated apps, and Accelewrite to increase the efficiency of file read/write operations. These tools work in real time to make sure that your PC stays responsive during intensive multi-tasking scenarios.

Security status of your system is monitored in real-time too. The suit monitors the status of your antivirus security and firewall, and warns you if they are not in their optimal state.

Lastly, the reports tab lists the drives, plus their storage space, total free space, available physical memory, page file, virtual memory, and the number of startup programs and executables currently running.

To conclude, System Mechanic has all the tools under the hood that will optimize your windows for peak performance. The best part about the suit is the background service that improves real-world performance without intruding your workflow.

The standard edition of the program has an annual subscription fee of $39.96. To grab your free six months subscription, visit the checkout page and enter your billing information (You do not have to enter any card details). iolo-cart-checkout

The activation key will be instantly displayed upon submission. (The same info will be sent to your email address). sm-activation-code

Download System Mechanic (Standard Edition): sm_dm.exe  (Online installer)

Update: System Mechanic seems to have some compatibility issues with Windows 8.1 (64-bit). We experienced occasional stutters in our test system.


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