[Free] NovaPDF 8 Lite

NovaPDF is an application that allows you to convert any printable file to PDF. It installs a virtual printer driver in your windows operating system, and when you print using this virtual printer, the file is converted to PDF. It’s important to note that this will only work on files or applications that support the print command.

NovaPDF is available in three different editions: Professional, Standard and Lite (See the feature comparison chart below). Among the three, Professional is the most feature rich and pricey at $49.99. You can try any edition free for 30 days.
During printing PDFs, you can set up printer settings, such as page size, orientation, scale and profile. Default or preset profiles are not available, therefore if you need to use profiles, you need to create one first prior to starting your print job.

The profiles manager allows you to create profiles where you can set the name, author, description, save location, and post processing actions of the output PDF file. These general settings are available in all the editions of NovaPDF. Availability of other settings or features such as compression, bookmarks, encryption, watermarks, and email notifications is subject to the edition of NovaPDF you use. We will talk about these features anyway, in case you decide to use the full-featured professional edition.

You can use profiles to add watermarks, overlays and signatures, use compression to shrink down the size of the PDF by converting or down sampling images. If you are worried about privacy, security settings will enable you to protect the PDF with a password, plus set copying, printing, and modification permissions. Moreover, bookmarks can be automatically detected, fonts used can be embedded, and emails can be automatically sent post conversion with the PDF file attached.

NovaPDF 8 provides a quick and easy shortcut to turn any document into PDF. Profiles makes the process quicker as you do not have to set the same settings when doing another PDF job. The lite edition of NovaPDF is currently available as a free download, which would otherwise cost $29.99. Visit the Offer URL and enter the required details to receive your free product key.

Download NovaPDF 8: novapdf-full.exe [50 MB]


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