O&O Defrag 18 Professional Free Serial Number

File fragmentation occurs over time when the file system cannot lay the data sequentially. The reason behind this is the inability to write data in the sequential storage block as the space has been occupied by some other file. This lead to slower access times and decreases hard drive performance. Defragmentation reverses this by rearranging data in a sequential manner and therefore speeding up access times dramatically.

O&O Defrag 19 is the latest version offered which claims to take up to 40% less time to defrag drives than the older editions. Version 18 that was released last year is now available as a free download. If you can live with the slower performance, you should go ahead and try out this old version.

The program features a revamped interface to allow quick access to major functions, and a clever algorithm for defragmenting hard drives that is also able to sort files that are locked by Windows or some other application. Automatic defragmentation is enabled by default and runs whenever the system is idle. Users can also set automatic defragmentation to run on particular days of the week.


Key Features:

  • Prevents new fragmentation from occurring
  • Extends the life of your hardware
  • Accelerates your Internet browser
  • Increases chances for recovering lost data
  • Automatic background defragmentation
  • Faster backup and restoration
  • Defragments PCs at the push of a button

Visit the offer page and enter your valid email address to receive your free license of O&O Defrag 18.

Download O&O Defrag 18:
32-bit: OODefrag18ProfessionalEnu.exe [24 MB]
64-bit: OODefrag18Professional64Enu.exe [28 MB]


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