O&O DiskImage 9 Professional Full Version Download

O&O DiskImage allows you to quickly create images of your entire hard drive. You must be wondering, how is that better than normal backup?  Complete images are safer and quicker in terms of disaster recovery. Images created by DiskImage use an additional compression type that consumes less space, images are easy to transport , and allow quick restoration in just a few clicks.

O&O DiskImage lets you backup an entire computer or individual drives and files whenever you want – even while the computer’s being used. Never again will you have to worry about lost data – The backups you make can be restored with just a few clicks of the mouse – even if you are not able to boot Windows.


Key Features:

  • Visual display of hard disk usage
  • Handles Microsoft Virtual Disks (VHD)
  • Tray Icon to inform you of service and task status
  • Additional compression type (BZIP)
  • Differential images (also automatic)
  • Advanced burning functions to CD/DVD/Blu-Ray/HD-DVD
  • Job assistant for automatic and regular images
  • Creates system images during operation
  • Start CD for easy restoration of entire Windows operating systems
  • Incremental and direct forensical images possible
  • 1:1 copies of drives (cloning)

Follow these steps to receive your free license of O&O DiskImage 9:

  • Visit the registration page and enter your valid email address.diskimage-reg_104
  • Check your email. You will receive an email with the subject “Bitte bestätigen Sie Ihre Anforderung“. Click on the link provided in that email to verify your email address.
  • You will receive another email with the subject “Ihre kostenlose Lizenz von O&O DiskImage 9 Professional” that will contain your free registration information and download links. (The links provided will be of the German edition of the program. Do not use the provided link unless you want to use the German edition)diskimage-serial_298
  • Download O&O DiskImage Professional 9 (English):
    32-bit: DiskImage9ProfessionalEnu.exe [36 MB]
    64-bit: DiskImage9Professional64Enu.exe [40 MB]

**Please note that the registration information, including name and company should be entered exactly as provided in the email, or else the program will fail to activate.

You can also the try the following promotions of the older versions of O&O DiskImage Professional in case the one above does not work.

Version 7.8:

  • Visit the offer page (German)
  • Enter your valid email address and click on the green colored button to submit.
  • You will receive an email from register@oo-software.com with your free license. DO NOT use the download links provided in the email as they are of the German edition)disk-image-professional-serial
  • Download O&O DiskImage 7.8 (English)


Version 6.8:

  • Access the offer page1 (English) or offer page2 (German)
  • Enter your valid email address and click on the “Request free license” or “Kostenlose Lizenz anfordern” button.
  • You will receive an email from register@oo-software.com with your free license key and download link. (If you have used the German offer page, then do not use the download links that are provided in the mail as they are of the German edition).
  • Access this page to download the English Edition of O&O DiskImage Pro 6.8.


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