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Abelssoft Codify Free Download

The recent NSA surveillance program scandal shows that the NSA can tap into secure communication channels and even read your emails. Therefore, sending confidential text through emails is not secure anymore. What you need to do is encrypt text prior to sending them through emails. Abelssoft Codify is a powerful text encryption program that uses […]

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Download JetDrive 7 Ultimate Full Version

As you may already know, file fragmentation  reduces performance of your hard drive. File fragmentation occurs when a  file cannot be saved sequentially on the drive sector. There are tools built in to windows to defragment your hard drive. If you prefer a more quick option, you can try JetDrive from Abelssoft. The application uses […]

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FileWing Pro FREE Full Version Download

FileWing, from Abelssoft, is an application that helps users to permanently delete sensitive files or recover unintentionally deleted files from the hard disk. FileWing is available in two versions free and Pro. The Pro version of FileWing normally costs $19.99 to purchase and has a lot of added features. The Pro version can recover damaged […]

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JetDrive 2010 Pro Full Version Free License Key

JetDrive is an easy to use disk optimization and defragmentation suite which accelerates the read and write processes of hard drive to bring them back to an optimal state. Besides, hard drive defragmentation, the program can also defrag the windows registry and protected system files, which provides a significant performance boost to most systems. (more…)

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CryptBox 2010 FREE Registration Key Code

Abelssoft Cryptbox is a file encryption software which allows users to store their private or important files in a secure location and protect their data quickly and easily. CryptBox creates password protected secure safes with AES-256 Encryption, users can add files in their safes and view the files on virtual drives with windows explorer. Its […]

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FREE CleverPrint Professional 2010 Registration Key Code

CleverPrint allows users to reduce printing costs and manage printing jobs in a more efficient way. The program can combine and print multiple pages on a single sheet of paper, remove particular pages, and add company’s letterhead, watermarks, text or pictures in foreground or background of the print job. Besides, it can also save print […]

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