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[Free] Ashampoo Snap 8

Taking screenshot is easy, thanks to the PrtScn button on the keyboard that will allow you to capture anything on your screen. The screenshot is temporarily stored in the windows clipboard and you have to use a program that can process images to save your screenshots. This makes saving screenshots frequently a very hard process, […]

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[Free] Ashampoo Photo Commander 12

Ashampoo Photo Commander may sound like an image editing app but its capabilities goes far beyond that. The application can be used to view, organize, manage, and convert images. Photo Commander 14 is the latest version offered by Ashampoo, if you do not mind using the version that was released last year without any limitations […]

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[Free] Ashampoo Backup 2016

You need to have a backup strategy in place to protect your data. Hard drives are prone to mechanical failures while the newer SSD or flash drives have a limited write cycle, point being data loss on your drive is inevitable, it is just a question of when. Instead of worrying about the health of […]

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Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 2016 Full Version

If you are looking for a program to optimize your photos, without needing any advanced skills, then Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 6 is the right tool for you. Photo Optimizer 2016 (version 6) is the latest version of the photo optimizer series that has an improved arranged interface to allow easy access to images. One-Click optimization […]

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Ashampoo Privacy Protector Free Download

Information that you do not want others to see or do not even want on your system may be accessible to prying eyes. This information may be in the form of web browsing history, cookies, web searches, videos viewed, form info, application temporary files and so on. You can manually remove this information from each […]

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Ashampoo HDD Control FREE License Key

Ashampoo HDD Control is a Hard Drive diagnostic software that includes a rich set tools to allow users easily monitor and maintain their hard drive. The program supports almost all commonly available IDE and serial ATA drives. The monitoring function provides the user with all important facts and information, including the firmware version, cache size, […]

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Ashampoo WinOptimizer 11 Free Full Version Key

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 11 is a complete system utility suite that provides all the tools necessary for system optimization. The new version of Ashampoo WinOptimizer comes with a revamped  interface that provides quicker access to all the important tools. The application cleans unused temporary files, protects your privacy by removing traces left from internet browsing, removes […]

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Ashampoo Media Sync Free Download

Ashampoo Media Sync is designed to automatically synchronize and categorize files between portable and local storage devices. The application runs in the background and pops up whenever a portable storage device is inserted. The first time you insert a portable device, you will be asked to set up some parameters, such as, source and destination […]

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Free Ashampoo Music Studio 5 Code

Ashampoo Music Studio is a perfect tool for users who are looking to produce music at their home. The program can create, rip, record, edit, and even design covers for albums. The interface of the program is simple with all the tools striped to the bottom of the interface. Files can be added to the […]

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Ashampoo Photo Commander 11 Free Serial Code

Ashampoo Photo Commander may sound like an image editing app but its capabilities goes far beyond that. The application can be used to view, organize, manage, and convert images. Photo Commander 11 is the latest developed by Ashampoo that you can now use completely free without any obligations. Ashampoo has added some third party programs to […]

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Free Ashampoo Magical Defrag 3 Full Version

Ashampoo Magical Defrag 3 is a file defragmentation tool that is designed for the windows operating system. Windows includes a defragmentation tool but it is usually slow in performing drive defragmentation and lacks features that are otherwise found in third party programs. Ashampoo Magical Defrag is a set-and-forget type of program that once installed runs […]

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Permanently Erase Files with Ashampoo FileWiper

File deleted from the hard drive can be recovered using data recovery software and other forensic tools. This is because, when you delete a file, Windows removes the file name and path from the file system and marks the cluster available to use. The deleted file can be easily recovered unless the free cluster where […]

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