1Password Password Manager – Gift 1 Year Free Subscription

1Password is a password manager that provides a place to store logins, credit card, and other sensitive information. In simple terms, an app that stores and synchronizes your passwords and other important information in multiple devices. 1Pass was developed with the Mac ecosystem in mind, but the developers have added support for iPhone, Android, Windows, and Linux.

The major role of 1Password is to make your password stronger. 1Password has a trial period in which you can use it free for 30 days. After that, you have to pay for using its services. 1Password comes with a subscription or a one-time purchase fee. The one-time lifetime fee is $65 and is only available for Mac users. The lifetime subscription lacks features such as online sync, but users can manually synchronize password between devices by using third party cloud services.

The subscription option starts at $3 per month that can be used by single user and $5 per month for the family plan. The family plan is restricted to five users. The subscription option is suitable for users who prefer to synchronize data using 1Password’s secure server, and need the additional features offered, such as the ability to restore deleted items, and travel mode – more on that later.

Create a new 1Password Account

1Password offers different subscription plans for family, team, and business so that multiple people can use the service at reasonable rates and can share logins and passwords.

After choosing your plan, head towards the 1Password site and create an account. To create an account, you have to verify your email and download a special PDF file. This PDF file includes QR code that is essential to add apps to your 1Password account and “Secret Key”. This key is needed to authenticate new devices in your 1password account. 1Password does not support two-factor authentication thus the secret key is your only option and should be kept close.

Save and Generate Secure Passwords

On installing 1Password, you will get the desktop client, without the browser extensions. As far as we remember, browser extensions were available in the installation package, with the desktop client, but not anymore. You should install the browser extensions to get the best experience of 1Pass as it automatically saves passwords of your account as you login to sites.

Save Login Prompt

The main purpose of using 1Password is to create new, strong passwords. When you create a new password in future you can create one by clicking the 1Password icon in your browser and then on Password Generator. Once you generate your new password, 1Password will automatically save the new login details.

Secure Password Generator


Earlier this year, 1Password released a standalone version of 1Password for browsers labelled as 1PasswordX. This standalone version brings all the features of the desktop client to the add-on. You can generate secure passwords, save logins, auto fill forms and manage your vault.

Desktop Client

1Password provides a dedicated desktop client for Mac and Windows users. The client is intuitive and organizes your information in categories for easier exploration. You can mark items as your favorite or drag item to the favorites sidebar. This will shortlist the items that you use frequently and give quick access. You can also use tags to arrange your items systematically that makes it easy for you to search for it later on.

Creating and Editing Items

To create a new item either click on plus sign or choose a file option. A drop-down menu will appear, select “NEW”, then choose the item that you like to create and complete the step by entering and saving its details.

In case you want to edit some details select the item that you want to edit or choose item then select edit command from the drop-down menu. Make suitable changes and then click save.

Tags and Sorting Items

To separate multiple tags, you can use a comma. On doing this your tags will appear on the sidebar automatically. To tag an item you can simply drag an item onto an existing tag in the sidebar.

You can sort item by clicking on “items sorted by” below the search field. For instance, you can sort your credit card details based on the card type and date last used.

Switch and move items between vaults

To switch to a specific vault, click all vault and then choose a vault. You can also switch to a vault by choosing 1Password from the main menu followed by a switch to the vault.

To move items between vaults, select an item. You can also select multiple items by holding down the command key. After choosing the items, select the vault where you want to move and then select move.

Delete and Restore Items

To delete an item, you can use the keyboard shortcut or the right-click context menu. Deleted items are not permanently deleted, instead moved to “Trash”. If you delete any item accidentally, then you can restore it from “Trash”. To permanently delete items from trash, choose 1Password from the main menu followed by empty trash.

Travel mode and Watchtower

When you turn on travel mode, 1Password removes offline vaults and other sensitive information from your device that are not safe. In the event, that your device is compromised or lost, the private information is secure and not available on the device.

One of the best features of 1Password is WatchTower security audit. This feature is used to check for duplicate passwords, weak passwords, and lets you know if any of your online accounts has been breached.

Invite other members

1Password can be used by multiple users, so after signing up for 1Password you can invite other members of your family or if any member of your family has a premium account then you can ask them to send you an invitation.

After signing up or getting an invitation from another member you will receive an email having a link “Let’s get started”. Click on the link and continue setting your account that includes choosing your master password. After you set your master password, you will be redirected towards your home page.

Receive one-year free subscription

To celebrate thanksgiving, 1Password is offering free 1-year subscription to existing premium subscribers to gift to their loved ones. If you have a 1password premium account, invite your family members using the following link or if you know someone that has a premium account, ask them to invite you using the following link to receive one-year free subscription.

1Password Thanksgiving Gift

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