ABBYY Business Card Reader Free 1 Year Subscription

ABBYY Business Card Reader uses ABBYY’s famous Optical Character Recognition technology to read paper business card and save the data in electronic format. It accurately identifies information according to its type (First Name, Last Name, Phone Numbers, Address, etc.) and sends it to the corresponding fields in a database. It can read business cards in 25 different languages including European and some Asian languages.

ABBYY Business Card reader is compatible with virtually any scanner that works with windows. Moreover, it can also read card images captured by digital cameras and mobile devices. Data processed can be exported to Salesforce, Microsoft Outlook, CSV and vCard.

Key Features:

  • Automated Capture of Contact Information
  • Multiple Business Card Scanning
  • Flexible Export and Sharing Options
  • Duplicate Contacts Detection
  • Quick Scan Function
  • Dual Side Scanning Support
  • Compatibility with Virtually Any Scanner
  • Comprehensive Language Support

Download ABBYY Business Card Reader with 1 Year Subscription:
ABBYY_BCR_Light_Trial1year.exe [284 MB]

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