Acoustica Standard Edition 6 Free Download with License Key

Are you into music production? Do you need an audio editor that supports multi layers and allows you to easily edit and mix audio tracks? Then look no further as Acoustica will handle all your audio editing needs without needing you to reach out for help from a professional.

The program provides a virtuous workspace to edit your audio. The colour scheme selected to design the interface is attractive and easy on the eyes. Tools required for every intention are unmistakably divided in the menu ribbon above the toolbar into easily identifiable sections, making it straightforward to access recording tools, plugins and effects without confusion.

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The program supports 32-bit audio and sampling rate up to 384 KHz. The standard edition brings new enhancements such as a reverb effect and equalizer both of which were formerly only available in the premium edition. However, some basic features such as the ability to render 5.1 and 7.1 audio is still reserved for the premium edition.

One of the many strengths is its file conversion and compatibility. You will be able to import almost all of the popular media file formats without any compatibility problems. It also offers a feature to extract audio track from certain video file formats. Audio formats supported include WAV, WAV64, AIFF, MP4, MP3, OGG, FLAC, and WMA.

Another notable advantage of Acoustica over other basic audio editors is its effect chain, which enables users to layer effects on top of one another, then add or remove them later.

The timeline allows you to import multiple tracks then mix audio from different tracks in real-time. You can add effects such as crossfade to make transition between tracks smoother, loop or time stretch tracks and apply effect chains to tracks. Upgraded processing tools brings in new reverb effect with improved control over the room and filter parameters.
Timeline Editor of Acoustica Standard Edition

Target Users

In terms of features and functionality, the program can be positioned between technical and professional audio editor like Adobe Audition and simple tools like MP3 editor.

The interface has been designed for home users and semi-professionals, and is sufficient as it is for simple recordings, importing and editing tracks from CDs. However, to create produce professional audio an extended number of additional plugins are needed, which can downloaded later after installation.

Support for VST and Direct-X plugin brings several third party effects such as de-essers, delay, vocal removers, vocal isolators, echo, distortion, overdrive, amplifier simulators, compressors, and limiters to name a few. You can examine the real-time preview of the effects as well as save your own preset using the preset-manager.

With the plugins offered, users will also be able to do high-quality sample format conversion along with dithering and noise shaping, and channel mixer for stereo image adjustments. Obviously, not all of these features are present on the default installation package; nonetheless, users can have access to all of them by obtaining the DirectX and VST plugins.

Bottom Line

Acoustica Standard Edition brings enough features to standout from basic audio editors, and if are into professional music production, the standard edition is not a bad place to start. You can always upgrade to the professional edition later, which will bring more features. However, we feel that with the vast support for plugins, the standard edition might just be enough for most users.

Grab Your Free License Key

Acoustica Standard Edition has a retail value of $59. Use the license information (Common Key) in the screenshot below to activate the standard edition free of charge.

Download Acoustica Standard Edition [8 MB]

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