[Free] Aiseesoft Screen Recorder – Record Desktop Activity

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder allows you to record the activity on your desktop and save it as a video file. You may want to record your desktop activity for several reasons. Most users do it to create demonstrations, presentations or to show off their gaming skills.

There is no actual interface of the program instead it features a floating toolbar and a red border indicating the area currently selected for recording. The toolbar shows the audio recording source, display selected for recording, recording area size, settings, duration and the recording button. Audio source can be system or microphone or both – you can add your own narration through the microphone. Area to record can be customized by just dragging the borders or you can draw your own area using the ‘Custom’ selection tool. Full screen recording is also supported, which minimizes the floating toolbar to the taskbar, making it invisible in the recording window.


During full screen recording, you have to use hotkeys or the toolbar command menu to control the status of the recording. The hotkeys can be customized under the settings menu. It allows you to set hotkeys to start/stop capture, pause capture and take screenshots.

The program supports saving the recording in WMV or MP4 video format. You have to select your preferred format in the settings menu, which will then display additional options that will allow you to control the quality, frame rate, and choose the audio codec for system/microphone audio.

On an ending note, Aiseesoft is a handy little program for recording the activity on your desktop and capturing snapshots. The program is lightweight and has very low impact on system resources making it your ideal game recording tool.

The retail price of Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is $27. You can grab the full version license of Aiseesoft Screen Recorder by registering on this page. (Page in German). There is no mention of how long the promotion is going to be active, so register ASAP.


Download Aiseesoft Screen Recorder: screen-recorder.exe [21 MB]

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  1. Chris C. August 19, 2016 at 7:17 pm #

    Aieesoft screen recorder is listed here but says offer expired when I try to redeem.
    Why is it still here?

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