Balesio ALLCapture 3.0 Free Serial Number

Balesio AllCapture is a tool designed to record your computer screen in video. There are several situations where you may want to record the activity on your screen. For instance, you may want to record a live streaming video for safekeeping, record the activities on a software for creating a demonstration or record a gaming session to show it off to others. Whatever may be the reason, recording the screen is a very important feature that is missing in the Windows operating system.

AllCapture supports capturing part of your desktop or your entire desktop. To start recording, you first have to create a new project where you will be asked to set the recording parameters. Here you can set the resolution, frame rate, input sound device, toggle mouse activity, and time limit of your recording session. You can set the resolution to full screen, and the program will automatically use your current monitor resolution. Make sure to use the correct sound device, as it is crucial for recording the proper sound in your video. Use the default sound output device for recording system sound and line in device for recording your own speech via a microphone.


AllCapture is also the perfect tool for creating tutorials, as it supports adding several properties to the recorded video, such as, text, objects, speech bubbles, transition effects, spotlight effect, and shapes. The timeline editor allows you to carry out several editing functions with ease. You will be able to copy and paste, add and remove frames, add audio and pictures, and cut and delete parts.

The program can export videos in the following formats: MPEG, ASF, SWF and EXE. The standalone EXE format plays the recorded file without the help of any media player.

The following promotion will provide you with a free license of Balesio AllCapture, which has a retail value of $169.

  • Visit the Promo Page (German)
  • Enter your name and valid email address.allcapture-reg_177
  • You will receive an email from [email protected] with your free serial. (The email may end up in your spam folder.)allcapture-license_67
  • Download AllCapture 3.0 (English): ALLCapture-en.exe [10 MB]

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