AntiBrowserSpy 2014 Special Edition Free Download

Some websites track users even when they leave those websites. They collect personal information, and send them back to their collection center. The same can be said about browser manufacturers that collect the unique ID of the browser and URLs visited for various purposes. To prevent this from happening and improve the security of your browser you must use AntiBrowserSpy that uses the recommended browser settings to protect your privacy. Currently it supports three major windows browsers, Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer.

It uses StealthBrowser mode to prevent websites from creating a unique fingerprint of your browser. Fingerprint is created by websites by collecting information about the type of browser you use, browser version, OS version, installed plugins, screen resolution, etc. StealthBrowser mode works in the background to make sure your browser fingerprint is changed from time to time. Social networking block module stops tracking from sites such as Facebook, and cleanup module removes leftovers and traces from browsers and operating systems.

Key Features:

  • Turn off the browsers espionage features
  • One-click-protection
  • Remove internet traces
  • Create backups of your browser settings
  • Auto-Cleanup – schedule cleanups and backups
  • Supports all common browsers

AntiBrowserSpy Pro costs $29.95 to purchase, but you can use the special build offered by Computerbild completely free. The special build lacks two features that are only available in the Pro edition. The ability to backup and schedule cleanup job. To download the special build, access this page and click on “Download” – “Download Starten” button.

Please note that the program language is English. On first run, you have to enter your name and email address to unlock the program.

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