Aomei Backupper Professional License Code

Cyber criminals often use malware to infect the Windows backup tool, hence making the built in service unreliable. To safeguard data from scenarios that involve data loss, such as malware attack, hardware failure and OS failure, one should perform backups frequently. The backups should be stored on a secure location, safe from system anomaly.

Aomei Backupper is a reliable backup application that can automatically carry out backup tasks, and has made quite a name for itself by offering the standard edition of the program free of charge. Some of the competitors in the markets are charging around $30 for such backup features.

The professional edition on the other hand is not free and offers several additional features such as the ability to perform real-time sync, backup dynamic volumes, merge backup images and schedule event-triggered backups.

Backup Features

The application offers to “Create New Backup” on startup. Once you choose to create a new backup plan, you are provided with all the available backup options, which include system backup, disk backup, partition backup, file backup, and file sync. The backup labels are self-explanatory, and all the backup modes feature wizards to guide users through the backup process. The program can back up files, folders, partitions, dynamic volumes and entire hard disks.

Main Window of Aomei Backupper

Following parameters can be set during the backup procedure:

Notification and encryption: The backups can be secured with a password, and email notifications can be enabled.

Compression: Three different levels of compression settings are provided – none, normal and high. Choosing a high compression setting will result in a smaller backup image, but would also increase the backup run time.

Splitting: Backups can be split in predefined CD, DVD, Zip drive sizes, or users can choose a custom size. This can come in handy in case your backup drive does not have enough space and you need to store the backup in multiple storage devices.

Intelligent Sector: When enabled, the program will only perform backup of used sectors of the source drive, therefore reducing the size of the backup image and saving space.

VSS: Stands for Volume Shadow Copy Service, which is a technology included in Windows that allows users to perform backups while Windows is active. Although VSS is recommended mode for backup, Aomei provides its own technology that can run backups without interrupting the current system state.

Backup Parameters

Scheduling and Backup Schemes

Backups can be scheduled to run once, daily, weekly, monthly or during specific period by setting the start and end time. Aomei provides a discrete service to schedule tasks, but you can also choose to use the windows built-in task scheduler.

Apart from scheduled time, backups can be triggered during certain system events, such as during logon, logoff, startup, and shutdown. You can also trigger backups to be performed on removable USB drives when they are mounted.

Backup schemes provide you the option to run a full backup, incremental backup or differential backup.

Schedule Settings


Select the backup to restore and the wizard guides you through the rest. During the restoration process, you can choose to restore the entire image or select only particular files and folders to restore. Data can be restored to the original source location or a custom location of your choice.

Restoration Wizard

Clone Drives and Utilities

Cloning creates an exact replica with files, operating system and master boot record on another hard drive. The program supports disk clone, dynamic partition clone, and system clone – a feature that allows you to clone your current operating system and restore it on dissimilar hardware.

Several small utilities are bundled with the app to make your backup tasks easier:

  • Check Image – Validates the integrity of a created image by comparing the unique checksum values.
  • Bootable Media – Allows you to create a bootable medium and run Aomei without booting into window.
  • Explore Image – Mounts backup images to virtual drives, which allows you to explore the data in Windows explorer.
  • Merge Image – Merges multiple incremental backup images into one.
  • PXE Boot Tool – Enables clients to boot through a local area connection.
Bundled utilities

Grab Your Free License

Aomei Backupper Professional (1 Year subscription) has a retail price of $29.95, but until 11 May 2019, our readers can use the exclusive serial/license key provided below to activate the pro edition free of charge.

Please note that this license will not allow you to upgrade to new versions. However, if you prefer to upgrade to get free lifetime upgrades, you can do so from the program interface at a discounted rate of $32.97. The special discount for lifetime membership is only valid during the offer period.

Download Aomei Backupper Professional [109 MB]

License: AMPR-WT519-Z557L-8DYTZ


To activate the program, click on “Menu” -> “Register” and then enter the above code to unlock the full version.

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    AMPR-WT519-Z557L-8DYTZ – Invalid license code

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    The giveaway has expired on 11th May. The license code is no longer valid for activation.

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