Apply vintage effects to photos with Photomizer Retro

Photomizer Retro will apply vintage effects on your photos to make them look like they were taken using a very old film camera or analog camera. The program includes several tools just to recreate several old age effects on digital images.

You start by importing photos to the program interface. The interface is divided into three sections – you will find the list of added files on the left, image or effect preview on the center and profiles on the right.


The file list is divided into two tabs, detail list and preview list. The detail list displays file information, such as, file name, format, resolution, size, date, camera and geo data. The preview list shows the image thumbnails. You can select and start working on an image by just clicking on it.

The selected image will show up in the large preview pane. Here you can apply effects using the profile settings found on the right. There are three main profiles found on the drop down menu – Retro gain, retro effect and retro frame. Each profile contains preset effects, which can be modified to suit your needs.

Photomizer Retro offers the most quickest way to apply vintage effects. The program is usually priced at $39.99, but now you can get a free license by follow these steps:

  • Visit the registration page
  • Enter the details and click on the “Request serial number” button. photomizer-retro-reg
  • You will receive an email from “Engelmann Media” to confirm your request. Click on the link provided in that email to receive your free serial number.
  • Download Photomizer Retro: photomizer-retro.exe [33 MB]
  • Install and run the program.
  • A pop-up window may be displayed to download “Driver Updater”. Skip that request.
  • Paste the license key on the registration window and select “Check License Key” to activate the full version.

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    Please send me your promised free license key

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