Ashampoo Photo Mailer Free Six Months Subscription

Photos can be shared via social media, but many users still prefer email as it provides more privacy. The problem with email is that email providers limit the attachment size. For instance, if you use yahoo mail, the attachment size is limited to 25 MB – meaning you will not be able to attach more files when it reaches the said limit.

Ashampoo Photo Mailer is a designed exclusively for mailing photos. The program compresses photos prior to mailing them. The interface provides two buttons to add photos. One for adding files and the other for adding folders, drag-and-drop is also supported.

The mailing procedure is guided by a step-by-step wizard. After you are done adding photos, you need to enter your email account details, the email address of the recipient, subject and body text. In the next step, you are offered five different image compression settings on a slider. Just move the slider to select your compression; if the selected compression setting does not fit the size limit imposed by your email provider, then the photos will be split into two or more emails.

Finally, photos will be uploaded to your email account, attached, and sent to the recipient.

If you are one of those many who still prefers mailing photos, then you will definitely like Ashampoo Photo Mailer. Visit the offer page and register to receive your 181 days free subscription key.

Download Ashampoo Photo Mailer: ashampoo_photo_mailer_1.0.6_16100.exe [14 MB]

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