Optimize your PC Performance with Auslogics BoostSpeed 7 Premium [Free]

Windows has the tendency to retain data that is no longer needed by the user. We refer to this data as junk, and too much junk can slow down your system. Junk can be in the form of temporary files, system updates, and traces of uninstalled programs. Windows has a built in tool to clean leftovers known as disk cleanup tool. The tool is only good for cleaning leftovers created by the operating system. Junk created by third party apps needs to be cleaned using advanced system maintenance programs such as Auslogics BoostSpeed. The reason behind this is, third party apps may create junk files in unusual locations, store history of accessed files, and leave broken registry entries when uninstalled.

Auslogics BoostSpeed is a complete system maintenance package that includes 19 different tools to take complete care of your windows operating system. The suite includes a junk cleaner, startup manager, registry cleaner, registry defrag, disk defrag, uninstall manager, duplicate file finder, disk doctor, disk explorer, internet optimizer, task manager, service manager, browser care, file shredder, file recovery and free space wiper module.


On first start, the program automatically analyzes your system and lists the issues found under three different categories: junk files, stability issues, and speed issues. You can fix all the issues in a single click by clicking on the “Repair All” button or fix them gradually by viewing the issues found under each category.

Separate tabs are provided for privacy, live speedup and all tools. The Privacy tab scans installed internet browsers for tracking cookies and removes them from your system. Live Speedup tab contains tools that dynamically optimizes your PC, and all tools tab lists all the available modules and allows you to launch them individually for executing a specific task.

Offer Details:

A premium license of Auslogics BoostSpeed costs $49 to purchase, courtesy of comss.ru; everyone can now get the premium license free of cost. Visit this URL to find the free license key or use this code: Y2JQG-H8UY7-X9LZD-9CZX8-3V3AW (the code is same for everyone)

Download Auslogics BoostSpeed 7 (English Installer): boost-speed-setup.exe [17 MB]

Activation Instructions:

The program on first run will launch as the basic edition. Hit “Activate Premium Version” tab on top of the program interface -> “Register Premium Version” -> Paste the above code -> “Register” to switch to premium edition.

License Terms:

  • The premium subscription is valid for a year
  • For home or personal use only
  • No upgrades to future versions
  • No technical or email support

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