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Automatic Backup Manager is a handy tool to perform automatic backups. The application allows you to schedule backups on a daily, weekly, monthly or even an hourly basis. Scheduling backups is very easy, you have to select the source drive (or folder) you want to backup and the destination where you want backup to be saved. Additional “file-type” filter allows you to backup only certain files from the selected source.
Automatic Backup Manager supports backing up from local as well as portable devices including external hard drives, USB devices, network, or any other storage device that is compatible with Windows.

Key Features:

  • Support ability to filter only specific file types in backup process.
  • Backup data to external hard drive,USB ,network or any other storage device
  • User can set Weekly Backup,Monthly Backup or Daily backup at some particuler time.
  • User can backup the data any time
  • Easy and simple software interface.
  • User can schedule multiple folder backup at the same time.

Algologic for a limited time is giving away full version copies of Automatic Backup Manager. To download your free copy, access this direct download link:

Since this a full version edition, you do not require any serial or license key to activate.

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