Avast Internet Security 2015 Free Six Months Trial

Avast has gained quite a reputation by offering its highly effective antivirus program free of cost. The company also has paid suits that are more capable, powerful, and secure than the free counterpart. Internet Security is one of the paid suit that has an annual subscription fee of $49.99 for a single-user and $69.99 for a three-user license.

Avast Internet Security contains all the modules that you would expect in a home security suit, such as, anti-malware, firewall, anti-spam, system cleanup and sandbox tool. The suit lacks parental control. However, we found some unique protection features like the network security tool that checks your router settings for security flaws, and secure line VPN that protects all your communication with military grade encryption.


The suit performs a smart scan on first run, and if viruses are found, prompts you to restart the system to remove the infected files. The interface is easy to navigate and has been designed in such a way so that you have quick access to all the modules directly from the main window.

The overview screen displays the current protection status, plus additional modules that allows you to launch smart scan, browser cleanup, and configure your home network. The left sidebar allows you to start a system scan, configure settings, view file statistics, access your account, checkout the Avast store, and quickly access these additional tools: VPN, Safezone, Sandbox, Firewall, Remote Assistance, and Rescue Disk.

How to get your free subscription:

As part of a special promotional offer, Avast and Visa QIWI is currently offering a six months free trial of Avast Internet Security . To get your extended trial, all you have to do is download the promo installer using the link below and install it as a “30-days free” trial.

Avast Online Installer: avast_internet_security_setup_online.exe
All fresh avast installations will be extended to 180 days free trial. To check your free subscription, navigate to “Settings” -> “Subscription”.avast-subscription-check_210

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