AVG Internet Security 2019 Free 1 Year License

In recent times when security threats are at an all-time high, it is a no-brainer to have a decent security protection installed on every computer. While there is a long list of antiviruses available out there, when it comes to investing to protect the personal assets, only a few stand out. Such an antivirus program that has been around for a long time and consistently proved its worth is AVG. With top of the line security system and innovative technologies, AVG Internet Security can be the one-stop solution when it comes to protecting oneself from the harmful threats on the internet. In this review, we discuss the best features of AVG Internet Security that make it stand out as well as where it requires improvement.


The AVG Internet Security comes with advanced features to ensure complete protection at $69.99 for an unlimited number of Windows PCs and Android devices to accommodate the needs of all members of the family. The customer can also purchase add-ons such as AVG TuneUp, AVG Secure VPN, AVG Password Protection during check-out at a discounted price. Although the trial period of AVG Internet Security does not require the user to provide card number, the AVG Secure VPN trial requires card number, which will be billed after the trial period ends. For the more general users who are not connected to the internet and only need protection from offline malware, the AVG Antivirus Free is available at no cost at all. AVG Antivirus Plus that offered some additional features over the free Antivirus has been discontinued.

Main Window of AVG Internet Security

Download and Setup

Downloading and installing AVG Internet Security feels like a breeze. Unlike many other antivirus software websites, AVG boasts their free antivirus on their homepage instead of paid options. The link to the Internet Security 2018 can be found on the top navigation bar of their website. Customers can try the complete software for 1 year with the free license provided below before setting on to buy the product. The whole installation process is very intuitive and fast so that you do not have to waste your valuable time getting the software and putting your computer at risk. A small installer file securely downloads the required installation files and installs the program itself. Immediately after installing, AVG Internet Security 2018 quickly scans the computer for malware and takes automatic actions.

Performance and Protection tests

AVG Internet Security 2018 has very good test results in reputed Antivirus testing websites. AVG is one of the top performing antivirus programs tested by AV-Comparatives. It is marked as ‘fast’ to ‘very fast’ in all criteria of performance test by AV-Comparatives including criteria such as file copying, installing/uninstalling applications etc. In the “Malware Protection Test”, AVG scored an impressive 100% malware-blocking rate and was awarded “Advanced+” rating. AVG was also consistent in tests carried out by AV-test. Overall, the scores are excellent as most of the detection and blocking rates were above 97%.


The core AVG antivirus software does a pretty good job of detecting and protecting against malware. Paired with Artificial Intelligence, the AVG Antivirus can detect malware that has not yet been cataloged by their ThreatLabs team. The Internet Security is one-step ahead with its CyberCapture feature that shares potential security threats with the team of experts at ThreatLabs to be cataloged.

The quick scan is quite fast and still reliable whereas the deep scan ensures there is no possibility of any type of malware remaining hidden in the depths of old files. Whenever a removable media is inserted, the engine instantly scans the device for malware. The scan settings are quite elaborate and users can control whether the antivirus should scan all files and compressed folders, the priority of the scan, file types etc. The automatic actions can also be changed according to liking. However, the default settings are already good enough and the user can easily depend on AVG Internet Security to keep their PC safe from malware.

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While installing the software, AVG Internet Security lets the user choose from a long list of components to be installed along with the core antivirus. What may be somewhat disappointing to power users is the fact that some of these components are not configurable. Nevertheless, just like the antivirus, the default settings do a decent job here too.

Components of AVG Internet Security

One of the best components of the AVG Internet Security is Webcam protection. Cyber criminals these days love hacking the webcam to record private activities for blackmailing. The webcam protection component lets the user take control of which applications can access the webcam and even lets the user disable the webcam temporarily.

Another component that protects privacy is File Shredder. This component can completely remove files that the user wants to get rid of for good. It can delete any file or folder without a trace, and in our test, the shredded files could not be recovered using even ‘professional grade’ data recovery software. Although this is extremely helpful, the user needs to be extremely cautious during shredding a file since it will not be possible to retrieve the files later.

File Shredder of AVG Internet Security

The user also has the option to try out AVG SecureVPN, AVG PC TuneUP, and AVG Password Protection free of charge. While the 60 days trial of AVG SecureVPN requires a card number, the rest two can be tried for 30 days without providing a card number.

AVG Secure VPN


As an antivirus software, AVG undoubtedly is one of the best protection one can get. The internet security comes with some added benefits of keeping the user safe from security risks on the internet. While the components are good, they lack some of the most important features such as parental control, a secure keyboard for typing card numbers or login credentials. Although the AVG PC TuneUp add-on has features such as software and driver updater, these features come preloaded with many modern antiviruses since outdated software and drivers are the easiest way for hackers to exploit the vulnerabilities.

AVG Internet Security 2018 is good for those users who do not want to tinker with the default settings and want to forget about the suit after installation and let it work in the background. While the power users might find many features missing with not enough controls to tweak according to liking, the default settings are good enough to protect against malware and internet security risks.

Get Your Free 1 Year License

Use any one of the following license codes to activate AVG Internet Security Free for 1 Year. The following license codes has been extracted from last year’s promotional installers provided by Huawei.



Please note that the license key will not work on the standard Internet Security installer offered by AVG. Instead, you have to download and install AVG Free Edition and then upgrade to Internet Security 2018.

Download AVG Free (Upgradeable to Internet Security)


After installing AVG free, click on the “My AVG” link on the top right corner, and then click on “My Subscription”.

Check Subscription of AVG
Enter Key for Activation
Hit “Enter License” and paste any one of the above license keys to activate and upgrade to Internet Security free for a year.

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