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Over the years, Avira has built a reputation as one of the most popular choices of antivirus security suites for PC and smartphone owners. They offer a wide variety of software and services, and Avira Prime is one of them. It is a cross-platform premium service that contains a host of different security services varying according to their operating system.

With Avira Prime, users get access to services such as Antivirus Pro, System Speedup Pro, Phantom VPN Pro, Identity Scanner Pro, System Speedup Pro, and Software Updater on Windows. The services offered for other platforms can be seen on the comparison chart below.

Avira Prime Features by Device

The annual pricing of Avira prime starts at $69.99 for five devices and $90.00 for unlimited devices. Monthly subscription is priced at $6.99 and $8.99 for the five devices and unlimited plan respectively. Do note that the unlimited device plan has a fair usage policy limiting activation to 25 devices.

In this article, we will be taking a look at the features and functionality of the package alongside some of its pros and cons. The insight should help potential users to decide if the package offered by Avira Prime suits their needs.

Features and Functionality

Avira Prime makes use of a central dashboard. From this dashboard, users can manage all their devices and services – add or remove them – and use remote tools too. It allows users to connect up to 25 devices at a time to benefit from the service, which is great for families that own many devices, and hugely beneficial for small businesses.

Main Interface of Avira Prime

Let us take a brief look at some of its bundled offerings. Also checkout the promotion of another security package offering from F-Secure Get F-Secure Safe Free License.

Avira Antivirus Pro: One of the paid services offered by Avira, the pro iteration offers a dedicated module to scan websites and incoming mail that you would not otherwise get with the free edition. In addition to these, you get protection from the latest ransomware, which is vital, as in recent times it has been the preferred mode of attack used by cyber criminals.

All the other features of Avira free are included in the pro edition, such as anti-phishing, identity protection, data privacy, safe banking, and device control.

In practice, the service works really well. It scans any incoming email attachment and regularly updates its malware signature database. Phishing protection steps in to block malicious websites too, and all of this is done automatically unless the user manually adjusts the software’s preferences. To do this, there are switches in the settings to turn off Firewall, Real-Time Protection, Web Protection, Game Mode and Mail Protection. We found that the software only affects system performance when running a full system scan. Otherwise, it is extremely lightweight when working in the background with real-time protection on.

Antivirus Pro Status

Avira Software Updater Pro: Does exactly what the name suggests. Avira Prime offers the Pro version of this service, so it can automatically detect and update outdated software or drivers on a device. The service monitors the installed programs and automatically updates or patches security holes. Avira claims over 150 programs are supported by the service.

Avira Phantom VPN Pro: A VPN service for security and private surfing of the internet. Avira Phantom VPN Pro allows users to mask their identity or safely connect to a public Wi-Fi service automatically. Like some of the best VPNs out there, Phantom uses OpenVPN protocol with 256-bit encryption to protect your privacy. The big plus of this service is that supports P2P and works with Netflix. Only downside is the limited number of server locations (36) available for selection. Avira has said that they are planning to add more server locations in the near future.

Phantom VPN Connection Status

Avira System Speedup Pro: The service offers a quick glance at the overall performance and privacy settings of devices and works to improve functionality by removing junk files, fixing start-up application permissions, stopping unnecessary background services and consequently improving battery life. The start-up optimizer for Windows even displays system-booting time and offers to improve the performance by removing applications from boot-up or delaying their launch time.

Bootup Time Counter

Avira Password Manager: With this service, users can securely store and sync passwords and notes across all the devices that are registered with their Avira Prime account. You get the benefit to have to remember only one password that is the master password to manage all your private information. In addition to that, you get the ability to auto login to sites, generate strong un-hackable passwords, and receive alerts when a service you use has been breached.

Final Words

Do you need Avira Prime? Well that depends. Do you need multi device protection? Do you need a VPN, Antivirus Protection and a Password manager? If the answer to these is yes, then go ahead switch to Avira Prime right now.

Avira Prime does what it is advertised to do well enough, but it does have its little cons. Some of the services offered for a fee (such as the software updater pro) are not completely necessary. Most applications inform users when an update is available, so there is no need for such a paid service.

Additionally, we would like to see some improvement with the system management of the app when a full scan is in progress – the stuttering performance can be exasperating.

With that said, Prime package can significantly improve the security and performance of a device with its services, and makes perfect sense for multi-device users.

Grab Your Free Subscription Key

For a limited time you can grab 90 days trial subscription of Avira Prime free of charge. Follow these steps to receive your free license.

  • Visit the Offer Page and enter your valid email address. Registration Page of Avira Prime
  • You will receive an email from [email protected] with the download links. Click on the link corresponding to your operating system.
  • Create your account password to proceed. Create password of your Avira Prime account
  • The installer should now begin downloading. If it does not, then click on “Install on another device”, then choose your operating system and follow the on screen instructions. You can also choose to email / text (SMS) the download link if you want to install the program on another device. Device selection screen
  • Install Avira Prime to enjoy your 92 days extended trial.

Note: Avira Prime for Windows displays the subscription validity as “expiring in one day” – that is not the case. To check your free subscription, login to your Avira Prime account (that you have created above) and click on the “Subscription” link (on the left sidebar). The license should be valid for 92 days.

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