BDLot Blu-ray Ripper Free License Key

BDLot Blu-ray ripper is a powerful Blu-ray Decrypting and copying tool that can create perfect backup copies of purchased blu-disks. It supports most of the latest copy protections including region code, UOPs, encryption AACS (even the latest AACS MKB v26, AACS bus encryption), BD+ (even the 10th Generation) and more. With its unique copying technology, you can even backup scratched or damaged DVDs.

BDLot Blu-ray ripper offer dual mode backup title backup and full disk backup. Title backup allows you to copy just the selected title or main title from the disk and full disk backup performs a full backup including original menus and content. Disks are backed up in M2TS video format that is compatible with a wide range of third party windows players such as VLC Media Player and KMPlayer.

BDLot Blu-ray Ripper Interface
Key Features:

  • Create Your Own Perfect Blu-ray Movie Collection on PC
  • Copy Blu-ray to PC Hard Drive
  • Support All Blu-ray Related Copy Protections
  • Fast Blu-ray Backup Speed Delivered by Hi-techs
  • 1080p Full-HD Image and High-fidelity TrueHD Sound
  • Dual-mode Backup and other Flexible Choices
  • Compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP

BDLot is giving away 30,000 full version copies of BDLot Blu-ray ripper completely free whose original value is $39. To grab this offer, access this Giveaway Page. Alternatively, you can also use the following download link and registration key to download.

Download BDLot Blu-ray ripper:  bdlot-bluray-ripper-setup.exe [5.6 MB]

Use this registration code: BV-VSEYEDJJ-QQMRIP

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