Bing to add new HTML5 features : Animated Backgrounds, Slideshows & More

At the venue of the launch of the new Internet Explorer 9 beta, Microsoft unveiled the new improved version of its search engine, Bing. The new version employs HTML 5 and CSS3 technology in collaboration with IE9 to deliver a never before search experience. Utilizing the hardware acceleration support of IE9, the still picture in the  homepage of Bing has been replaced with a beautiful sea shore video.The playing of the video does not require the installation of any add-on or plug-in.

A beautiful transition effect from search page to result has been incorporated.Scrolling down the results does not leave the heading or related options to the top of the page, rather they descend down with the scroll window for  users comfort.Search results have been provided with auto expanding features making the search experience fit for both smaller or larger screens and weather forecasts are displayed with animated background.
The new Bing will be available on IE9 in Windows Vista or 7 environment. Some of these features will also work on other browsers and OS’s. However, Bing can automatically downgrade to the browsers capability and the broadband connection’s strength.

The preview of the a new Bing will be made available by mid-October. Till then, Microsoft will be working to enhance the engine further. Provided with such  a set of amazing features,  Bing, the search engine by Microsoft will surely bring new horizons to the search experience.

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