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Bitdefender has built quite a reputation for offering the highest level of protection against all kinds of security threats. Total Security, which is Bitdefender’s flagship product, includes all the features of Antivirus Plus (Password Manager, Secure Browser, Ransomware Immunizer) and Internet Security (Parental Control, 2-Way Firewall, File Encryption, Webcam Protection), with three additional features – System Optimizer, VPN and Anti-theft. Other notable upgrade is the ability to install Total Security in up to five Windows, Android, Mac or iOS devices.


To download the installation module, you have to create a Bitdefender central account or login to your existing one. The installation module then downloads the latest files suited for your operating system from Bitdefender servers. During the installation process, the setup will also run a quick system scan to neutralize threats that might otherwise affect the installation process. By default, anonymous usage reports are sent to Bitdefender for improving the program, but you can turn off this setting.

Installation Wizard of Bitdefender Total Security

Protection Features

Bitdefender Autopilot keeps you protected without interruptions. The autopilot mode configures the best possible settings for your system based on current system environment and takes security related decisions on your behalf, which involve managing the antivirus protection, firewall protection, privacy protection, and automatic updates.

Scanning options consist of the standard quick, system, full and custom scan. In addition to these, you get a vulnerability scan that highlights weak Wi-Fi network and user account passwords, and missing windows and application updates.

Rescue environment is a handy mode that allows you to run Bitdefender’s Antivirus engine prior to booting into the operating system. You should choose this mode to remove malware that cannot be removed using traditional scanning methods.

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Start Window of Total Security

Bitdefender web protection with Traffic Light protects you from online threats while you surf the web. Traffic Light is an add-on available for Firefox, Chrome and Safari that displays ratings of websites, safe (green) or unsafe (red), on search engines results of Google, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo and Bing. You can ignore the ratings of Traffic Light and visit a flagged website, but if the web protection module detects a malware or phishing attempt, that resource will be blocked.

The 2-Way firewall allows you to manage inbound and outbound rules of executables. The firewall hardly generates alerts when in stealth mode as it hides your system from the internet and automatically manages connection rules. However, you can choose to handle the connection rules by turning on paranoid mode that generates alert for every executable accessing the internet.

Firewall Settings

Privacy and Security

Ransomware is known to encrypt files and hold them for ransom for a defined period before completely wiping them off your system. Files that you want to protect from ransomware should be added to safe file.

Safe file is a new protection mechanism against ransomware that isolates selected folders from unknown processes. Only processes whitelisted by you can access these files. By default, the safe file feature protects the Documents, Music, Pictures and Videos folders, plus online cloud account folders from Dropbox, Google, and Microsoft. You can add as many folders as you want to the safe file list. Webcam Protection is another new feature that blocks processes from accessing your webcam, unless you whitelist them.

Ransomware Folder Protection List

VPN protects your privacy online by hiding your real IP. The VPN module is not installed by default, but instead an icon is placed on as desktop shortcut. Launching the shortcut prompts you for installation. The VPN is limited in features, as you cannot choose the geolocation, unless you upgrade to premium, and traffic is limited to 200 MB per day.

Secure VPN

Safepay is an isolated browser that should be used for any online transactions as it protects you by restricting access to your desktop along with other even recording software that might try to steal your data.

Password Manager allows you to store passwords, credit card numbers, phone numbers, addresses and other confidential details securely of different websites/services in a secure wallet. The wallets are protected by a master password, which is the only thing you need to remember. You can create as many wallets you want and synchronize the data across all devices where you have TS installed.

Password Manager

The file vault locks up your private files in password-protected encrypted vaults. The vaults can be mounted as virtual drives, and can be used with windows explorer to copy and paste or drag and drop files just like any other drive.

Optimization and Cleanup Tools

The one-click optimizer tune up utility scans for useless files, redundant registry entries and privacy issues. You can view the details of the issues that have been selected for removal, and then click on the optimize button to remove these in a click. If the utility removes critical registry entries by accident, you can restore them, as it keeps a backup of all registry entries that are removed.

OneClick Optimizer Scan Results

Startup Optimizer analyzes startup apps and displays the time taken for each app to load. The startup optimizer on first run asks for a system restart so that it can record the loading time of apps. You get the loading time, plus the community stats from other Bitdefender users. Community stats can guide you on how to handle your apps. For instance, if an app has been disabled by more than 80% of users, then you can be sure that the app can be safely disabled.

Disk cleanup tool analyzes the selected drive and then groups files in different file size categories. You can easily view the large files and remove the ones that are not required anymore, thus freeing up disk space. File shredder is another useful utility used for deleting sensitive data, as files removed using this tool are scrubbed using a special algorithm – making file unrecoverable.

Bottom Line:

Bitdefender Total Security feels complete in terms of features offered. The features are no gimmick either, as Bitdefender top scored in almost every test conducted by antivirus testing firms. Moreover, the suit hardly tasks resources, so you should not notice any performance degradation in day-to-day tasks. Only feature that is missing, which most of its competitors have, is support for cloud backup services. However, going by Bitdefender’s track record, this feature should be available in the near feature.

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