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1Password Password Manager – Gift 1 Year Free Subscription

1Password is a password manager that provides a place to store logins, credit card, and other sensitive information. In simple terms, an app that stores and synchronizes your passwords and other important information in multiple devices. 1Pass was developed with the Mac ecosystem in mind, but the developers have added support for iPhone, Android, Windows, […]

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Main Window of Sticky Password

Sticky Password 8 Free 1 Year License Key

If you are one of those who uses the same password across multiple websites and services, then you should know that practice is discouraged by security experts. All it takes is a single password to be leaked and all your online accounts are at risk of being misused by cybercriminals. Using different combinations of password […]

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Steganos Password Manager 16 Free Reg Code

You may be using the same account password on social media, forums, banking and other websites because it is easy to remember. The password created by you may be strong with random letters, number and symbols but it still poses a major security risk. If the user credentials of even a single site is breached, […]

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RoboForm Everywhere Free 1 Year Subscription

Couple of weeks ago, we shared Sticky Password offer, which is a password manger. RoboForm is another password manager that does the same job. The program is available in two different editions, desktop and everywhere. The everywhere edition stores you data online, which allows you to synchronize your data with multiple computers, and mobile devices. […]

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LastPass Premium Free 12 Months Subscription

We all know the dangers of using the same password across multiple sites, some websites also require you to change the password every X days, and remembering different password combinations for each site is very difficult. LastPass is a powerful password manager that helps to store passwords of different sites and relieves you from the […]

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Ever wished you had to remember a single password for all your online accounts. Well this is why Password Organizer was designed. It allows you to save different account information of websites and keep them secure with a master password. You just have to remember the master password to have access to all you […]

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1AVMonitor Free Registration Key

1AVMonitor is an all-in-one remote surveillance tool that can monitor your webcam, microphone, desktop and phone line. Features include motion detection, sound detection, e-mail alerts, stealth mode, and secure website publication with access to live video. The tool can be set to run automatically at start-up. It can record continuously for hours, days or even […]

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Download KeyLemon 2.2 with Free License Key

Offer Details : Chip online is offering unlimited free license keys of KeyLemon 2.2 (worth $19.95) for only 24 hours. KeyLemon is a face recognition software which automatically locks your user account when you away and unlocks it when you are nearby. KeyLemon is a simple solution to log on to your personal Windows account […]

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