Celebrate Halloween with Eerie Autumn Windows 7 Theme Pack

On the eve of Halloween, Microsoft has released a new theme for Windows 7 to further intensify the feel of the coming event. The theme is named Eerie Autumn and is a pack of 15 scary wallpapers teamed with ghostly sounds. The wallpapers displays weird deserted landscapes, pumpkins and bats which creates an environment that perfectly suits the Halloween mood.

The installation of Eerie Autumn in Windows 7 changes the Aero settings and the sound scheme of the operating system. The theme strongly drives the Halloween fever with some sinister wallpapers that show a yellow eyed owl and bats which gives a dark ghoulish effect with the haunted sounds. Specially the sounds of emptying the recycle bin, connecting and disconnecting USB devices and the shut down seems to be fit for any horror movie.
With all its scary effects and appearance, the Eerie Autumn is a perfect theme for this Halloween season.

Download Eerie Autumn theme pack for Windows 7 [Direct link]

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