CintaNotes Pro Free Download with License

Notes are an important part of our life. We use it all the time to keep our life in track, and remember things that we might otherwise forget in our busy schedule. CintaNotes is an application designed to store your ideas and text snippets that you might find important while using your computer.

The application uses a very simple interface and is quick to load. It comes with a standalone and portable version, which you can carry around in a flash drive. Hotkeys makes it even more quick and easy. For saving a text to CintaNotes, you just have to select the text and press Ctrl + F12 (default hotkey). The app will automatically add the text to CintaNotes with the same title that is displayed in your web browser and source link. You can categorize notes using tags, and search for notes by searching any part of the note text or the title.


Features of CintaNotes:

  • Full-text search
  • Clipping text on hotkey
  • Tags and tag operations
  • Export notes to TXT and XML
  • Automatic backup

The following features are exclusive to the pro version:

  • Multiple notebooks
  • Unlimited tabbed sections
  • Hierarchic tags
  • Printing notes
  • Linking notes with each other
  • Global note links
  • Pasting into other applications
  • Export notes to HTML
  • Simplenote synchronization

To grab your free license of CintaNotes Pro, visit the GOTD offer page and enter the required details.

Download CintaNotes from the developer site

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