Cloudmark DesktopOne Pro Free 1 Year Subscription

If spam mails are still arriving in your inbox, instead of the spam folder where it should belong, then you should try Cloudmark DesktopOne, which is a sharp anti-spam solution for your email client. Some email clients have their own anti-spam solution, and you can still use DesktopOne alongside them to make your spam filter more effective. Cloudmark DesktopOne works with most of the popular email clients, including Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, and Windows Mail.

Spam mails are automatically routed to the spam folder. If you find an unwanted mail in your inbox that should belong in the spam folder, mark it as spam, and it would be treated as spam in the future. You can do the same to spam mails that you think should belong in the inbox folder.


Cloudmark DesktopOne spam filter works based on the community feedback. If too many users in the community mark an email as spam then DesktopOne treats it as spam as well. There are two different editions of Cloudmark DesktopOne, Basic and Pro. The basic edition is free to use, but is limited to a single email account folder (inbox), lacks automatic spam deletion and the ability to mark contacts from local address book as safe. The pro edition contains no such limitations and its annual subscription is priced at $19.95.

The following promotion will provide you with a free One-Year Pro license valid for use with two computers:

  • Visit the Offer Pagedesktopone-checkout_158
  • The promotion code will be automatically entered. Hit “Continue”.
  • Enter your details to create a Cloudmark account.
  • Confirm your details to receive your free activation code.

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