Create reminders and plan system actions with TimeBell

If you are a tight schedule and need things to be done at a specific time interval, then you need this program called TimeBell. The program creates tasks and uses an alarm to alert you when your task is due. The program when launched displays a calendar on the top right corner of the screen and a window that lists already created tasks and has options to create new tasks, clone tasks and delete task.

The task creation option also includes a calendar to help you easily select the date of the task. After you are done selecting the date, you need to set the time and period of the task. There are two (.WAV) alerts included that you can use as an alarm.

You can set the reminder in the form of text or image. The task option is however not limited to alerts or reminders, you can also create tasks to automatically email, turn off your pc, log off, shut down, turn off monitor, hibernate, open a particular website, open a file and close a file – at a specified time or interval. The last two options are very useful if you run a server and need to run or terminate an active script.

Offer Details:
TimeBell is priced at $14, but for a limited time you can get it free. Visit the offer page and scroll down to the “Your serial key” section. You need to share the giveaway on any of the social media sites or wait for 300 seconds to receive your free serial code and download link.

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