Cross Platform App: Tango offers video calling for FREE

To take advantage of the present trend of video calling, a new app called the Tango Video Calls has arrived in the App Store of Apple and Android. It is free and offers excellent video calls not just over Wi-Fi but 3G cellular network as well. Early video calling apps like ‘Facetime’ worked only over Wi-Fi network and supported video calls between iPhone 4 and latest versions of iPad touch. On the contrary, Tango is a cross platform app and allows iPhone to iPhone, iPhone to Android (and vice versa) and Android to Android video calls.

Any two users who have Tango installed on their smartphones can stay connected at all times using the free service. On its first use, the app scans the contact list on the phone and adds only those to its interface that have Tango installed. Like Facetime, Tango also makes full utilization of both the front and rear cameras on the installed device and allows switching between them with a single tap. Similar is the procedure to switch between voice and video calls. However, the app fails to deliver very high quality video call where Facetime leads.

Tango video calls is free to download from the Apple app store and offers an effective  way to escape the shortcomings of Facetime. More details about the app can be found on the Official Tango site.

Download Tango for iPhone and iPod

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