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You can record the screen of your PC with various tools, and Cyberlink have been in on the act with their popular Cyberlink screen recorder tool. The app combines a couple of screen recording functions with streaming, packing enough features to make sure that whatever your needs are while you are capturing a video, they are properly covered.

How it Works

You can capture a recording of your PC screen or your game console (with a capture card). There are different ways through which you can achieve this – you may decide to record the entire PC screen or choose specific sections of it to grab. If you are attempting to record a gaming session or any other app that is running on your screen, Screen Recorder can detect it and will grab it automatically.

As suggested already, Cyberlink’s offering is not the only application that can do these things. However, it does hold the advantage that it is a very lightweight and minimal app in comparison to most of the available alternatives. Cyberlink have kept things as simple as possible, such that the features available are exactly only what you need without unnecessary flamboyancy.

Capture Modes of Cyberlink Screen Recorder

On your PC, you can capture videos at a speed of up to 120 frames per second, although you are still limited to shooting 1080p quality. There are three existing bitrate levels – low, standard and high. Generally, we expect that there will be more improvement regarding this video quality, but the current options are definitely good enough to work with.

If you are the sort of person that likes to record your videos in one-take, the app gives you the option to overlay a webcam on the recording, pulling in the audio feedback from your microphone.

With the deluxe version of screen recorder, you also get an in-built video editor that you can use after capturing. It feels a little like a lite version of PowerDirector Video Editor – also developed by Cyberlink. You can perform all the basic video editing tasks, cutting, trimming, adding transitions to and rendering your videos. It is not feature-heavy, but it gets the job done.


This is one of the key differences in the deluxe edition compared to the standard. In deluxe, you can stream your videos directly to one of these three services – YouTube, Twitch and Mixer. Setting up will take a bit of getting used to, but performance is on a good level overall.


The app is lightweight, which makes it perfect for recording game play, and it has all the features that you actually need. If you are a power user with expert knowledge of video editing, you may find it too simple for your taste. However, it does its work well enough, and it does so without a fuss.

Download with Your Free Product Key

Cyberlink is giving away the standard edition of Screen Recorder, free of charge. The standard edition lacks streaming, editing and device capture features, which are exclusive to the deluxe edition.

Use the following product key and download link to activate your free copy. The following information has been obtained from this page. Product Key of Screen Recorder

Product Key: SDMH4-57VMM-FYJKH-SX4R2-W22HF-C6KKJ

Download Cyberlink Screen Recorder 2 Standard [94 MB]

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