Data Backup RX Free Registration Key

Data Backup RX is a PC protection utility which continuously monitors your selected files or folder for changes and performs automatic backup. It supports incremental backup – meaning whenever there is a change in your file it performs a backup and also stores a file version history. When required you can restore the current version of the file or any older version from the version history. It can backup files locally or remotely via LAN, FTP and E-mail.

Key Features :

  • Continuous always-on Data Backup Solution.
  • Easy-to-use Intuitive Interface.
  • Data Backup Rx’s Unique Compression Engine.
  • Unlimited File Versions supported.
  • No Additional Hardware Required.
  • Intelligent File Filters.
  • Flexible Scheduling.

Horizon DataSys Inc. is currently giving away free copies of Data Backup RX to their Facebook fans. To grab your free copy – Visit the Horizon DataSys Facebook Page, click on the “Like” button and follow the on screen instructions.

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