DateiCommander Compact 12 Free Download

DateiCommander is a powerful file explorer and utility suite that includes different tools that are important and are often required for efficient pc usage. The tools included can perform operations that would otherwise require 20 different applications. Below is the complete list of operations that the suite can perform.

DateiCommander File Explorer

  • Optional explorer- or two window view
  • Files- and fulltext search
  • HEX-Viewer
  • Address-Tool
  • Multi-Renamer
  • Compress files in ZIP-files
  • Extract ZIP, RAR, CAB and ACE-files
  • Encrypt and decrypt selected files
  • Burning-Tool
  • Empty all recycle bin
  • System Clean-up tool
  • File shredder
  • Path-butler
  • Batchcopier
  • Create screenshots
  • Quickview from Multimedia-file
  • Thumbnailer
  • Reminder
  • Ghostwriter
  • CD-Player
  • Autostart manager
  • File compare
  • Extensions manager

Download DateiCommander 12 Full Version: DC12Kompakt.exe  [17 MB]

DateiCommander is compatible with 32-bit version of Windows 7, Vista and XP.

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