DearMob iPhone Manager License Giveaway

DearMob iPhone Manager is an advanced iTunes alternative which is built to transfer, backup and manage your iOS data with encryption. Almost all file types that are supported by the iPhone can be managed via a PC or MAC, these include images, videos, texts, apps, voice memos, bookmarks, calendars and more.

What’s unique about this program is, you don’t need to have iTunes installed for it to detect your device. If you are wondering whether you have to download some other device drivers or jailbreak your device, then the short answer is no. The software includes all the prerequisites required to detect and manage your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Usage and Features

The interface lays down all the modules that are included in the package for quick and easy access. On first glance, you will get a quick idea of the capabilities of this program.

Interface of Dearmob iPhone Manager
One click backup and restore
DearMob offers a comparative simpler and faster way than iTunes to backup and restore your iOS devices. You will have the option to encrypt your backup to prevent privacy leaks, and restore your previous backups at any time you want. Moreover, the program allows you to backup different iOS devices on single or multiple computers.

Two way transfer specific iPhone files between iPhone and Computer
Unlike iTunes that can only sync iPhone files to computer, DearMob allows you to import or add new image, music, video, app files, and more from your computer to iPhone. Irrespective of the origin, weather iTunes or your personal collection, you should be able to synchronize files to your iOS device without any issues.

Moreover, you can create your own music playlist, photo album, iPhone ringtone/text tone, movie library, and manage your iPhone calendar, bookmarks as well as keynote, pages, numbers files on your PC or Mac.

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Password protect individual file transfer
In addition to full backup encryption, DearMob iPhone Manager offers individual file encryption with powerful algorithms, including 1024-bit RSA, 265-bit AES, PBKDF 2 and Argon 2, to protect your personal iPhone data (photo, video, contact) from hackers or people who have access to your computer. When you select “Export with encryption”, all the files you are exporting will be exported and encrypted on your computer, only your password can open it.

Encrypting Data
Remove DRM from iTunes movie, music and book
DearMob follows the principal “What’s yours stays yours”. If you have bought music, movie or eBook from iTunes, you own every right to play or watch it on any device you want. The tool helps you to unchain DRM restriction without quality loss and lets you transfer and enjoy iTunes content.

Built-in file format converter
DearMob iPhone Manager can be used as a converter as well, as the tool will automatically convert media that is unsupported by iOS to a compatible format. You can import and convert videos or music to MP4/MP3/AAC, which is iPhone compatible. Export and convert HEIC photos to JPEG, convert iBooks from EPUB to compatible format like PDF, DOC, TXT, and transfer iPhone contacts (VCF) to PDF/TXT.

You can even create your own customized ringtone from your music collection in M4R format.

Program Compatibility
DearMob iPhone Manager works on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Windows Vista and Mac OS X 10.6 and above. Almost all iOS devices are supported, including the ones running the latest version of iOS (version 12).

Grab Your Free License Key

DearMob is now offering our readers unlimited license copy of the latest DearMob iPhone Manager for Mac and Windows for free, which is usually sold at $67.95. Visit the Giveaway Page to download your own free copy.

License Terms

  • License code is for personal use only, please don’t share your license code on the internet.
  • This giveaway license does not limit program functionality, but it doesn’t offer free update.
  • Program should be activated before October 1, 2018

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