Download Defenx Antivirus 2010 with 4 Months Free License

About Defenx Antivirus :
Defenx SA is offering free License of Defenx Antivirus 2010 worth € 29.99. Defenx SA is a software company based in Switzerland and is engaged in making the best software applications in the world. Defenx Antivirus 2010 is the security solution that protects your PC against any kind of malware. Defenx Antivirus 2010 is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP & 2000.
It  provides fast and effective protection from virus that allows you to keep your computer free from any type of threat. It also features a global anti-spyware system that allows you to protect your personal data.

Key Features :

  • A fast Removal tool – one click button – for all the kind of malware.
    Fighting malware is not a problem anymore! Now you can use the Defenx Technology, highly qualified VB100 against Virus, Trojan, Spyware, Worm, and other forms of computer threats.
  • Pro-active protection against any form of computer threat.
    The advanced protection of the Host allows you to control and block the most recent penetrations techniques and the manipulation of the personal data. Defenx Antivirus allows you to “act in advance” blocking all threats that could cause damages on your PC. Without need to wait for the official update.
  • Anti-Theft System.
    The personal information cannot be stolen anymore! Thanks to the Block ID function, the data of the credit card, the password, and other critical data are stored in a “special place” that prevents the accidental or intentional spreading. It is also possible to define a list of trusted sites.
  • Navigation without fear.
    Internet never has been so safe! The continuous updating of the black list allows you to navigate and to explore the Web in full tranquillity and no emergency. Defenx Antivirus removes suspiciones and ambiguous web sites and it prevents the access to the sites of phishing.

Instructions :
1. Visit the following Promo URL of Defenx Antivirus 2010 : (The page is in Italian)

2. Enter your name, valid email address and PROMO CODE : X3IME-74LWG-KKKSK-W4C48-W8TL4 (See screenshot below)

3. Click on the Send button. Now your product key will be displayed. Copy the product key and use it to register Defenx Antivirus 2010. (It will give you 4 months free subscription)

**Download Defenx Antivirus Trail Setup from here

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