Download Easy Watermark Studio 3.1 Pro with License [Free]

Easy Watermark Studio is easy watermarking software that can quickly apply visible or transparent watermark to images and protect them from unauthorized distribution. It supports batch mode, which allows you apply the same watermark effects to thousands of pictures with a single click. You can use its advanced settings to create watermark effects like Photoshop, create rounded image corner with smooth edges, create image reflections, sinus transformation, pixel filters and so on. You can also save the custom watermark preset for later use

How to grab a free copy (worth $19.99):

  1. Visit the Promo Page
  2. Enter the required details
  3. Check your email. You will receive an email from “Refero Group” with your free license key.
  4. Download Easy Watermark Pro and apply the free license key to activate.

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