Download FREE iPhone Game: FUZZLE

FUZZLE is a classic puzzle game that is easy to learn yet difficult to expertise and one of the most exciting  app for iPhone. Usually the Fuzzle app is available for download from the Apple store at a price of $0.99 but today you can download it for free

The basic objective of the game is to line up five identically coloured balls in a row on the game board.Those five balls gets removed as soon as the required matching is successful.However, with every move, new balls are constantly added to the board making it increasingly difficult for the player.The ultimate goal for the player is to sustain as long as possible.

There are a number of added features which makes this game all the more strategy demanding.For example,

  • To special balls are available to the player-the Rainbow ball and the Bomb ball.The former serves as any colour while the latter clears all balls of the lines colour from the board.
  • The game is divided into five difficulty levels to provide the gamers with quality enjoyment.
  • the quick mode helps to play a super fast game lasting for a few minutes while the timeless mode continues for hours.
  • Another mode called ‘ Show Future Balls ‘ demands a completely new strategic approach.

Supported Device: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad (Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later)

Additional characteristics of Fuzzle include two alternative tap handling method, high score lists, undo bad move feature, colourblind support, instruction video on Youtube and automatic game saving.Fuzzle has really crisp and colorful graphics and animations along with poppy sounds to make it even more exciting.

Download it for FREE from the Apple iTune Store

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