Download Genie Backup Manager Home 7.0 with Free License Key

Genie Backup Manager is the ideal solution for home users to easily backup and restore files, emails, settings, and programs to any storage device. Genie Backup Manager user friendly interface and step-by-step wizard allows users to backup photos, media, email, personal files and folders easily and keep in a secure location.

Key Features :

  • Complete System Backup
    Genie Backup Manager Home includes the option to backup your complete system so you can recover from a failure
  • Safe Remote Backups
    Safeguard your data from natural disasters and system failures to secure offsite storage location
  • Backup locked & open files
    Ensure business continuity without the need to close data or applications during backup
  • Backup your documents, music, video, photos, and e-mails
    Protect your memories, music, critical documents, and business email easily
  • Protect your applications
    Choose from a wide range of Unlimited FREE Plugins to backup and recover your installed applications
  • Automated Scheduled Protection
    Set backups to run automatically at preset times, when the user is logged off, or on system startup

Supported operating systems : Windows 2000, Windows XP , Windows Vista

To grab your free copy of Genie Backup Manager Home visit the following URL and Register.
The license key and the setup link will be sent to your email.

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