Download Google Chrome 8 Stable – Offline Standalone Installer

Google, the internet giant, has announced the stable version of Chrome 8 (build no – 8.0.552.215). The new release contains more than 800 bug fixes and stability improvements. Besides, it also includes new features like built-in support for Chrome Web Store and a built-in PDF viewer that is secured in Chrome’s sandbox.

Changelog :

  • Possible pop-up blocker bypass.
  • Cross-origin video theft with canvas.
  • Browser crash with HTML5 databases.
  • Prevent excessive file dialogs, possibly leading to browser crash.
  • Use after free in history handling.
  • Browser crash with HTTP proxy authentication
  • Out-of-bounds read regression in WebM video support.
  • Crash due to bad indexing with malformed video.
  • Possible browser memory corruption via malicious privileged extension.
  • Use after free with SVG animations.
  • Use after free in mouse dragging event handling.
  • Double free in XPath handling.

Download Google Chrome 8.0 – Offline Installer for Windows [23.42 MB]

Download Google Chrome 8.0 – Offline Installer for Mac [31.67 MB]

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