Download Google Chrome 9 Dev

The chrome development team is working hard to bring new features and improvements, and has released a new build of Google Chrome. According to rumours, the beta version of Chrome 8 will be released within a day or two, while the final stable version of Chrome 8 may be released by the end of this month. This may also be the reason to release a new update to the developer channel.

The new developer build 9.0.570.0 brings minor changes and bug fixes :

  • Mac
    * Make sure the dock icon is updated after closing an incognito window with an in-progress download.
  • Linux
    * Fix incorrect border colors in incognito mode.
  • Security
    * Require a user gesture when opening file choose dialog and make sure file choose dialog from invisible windows can not be displayed.
  • Known Issues
    * REGRESSION: Windows media player for Firefox doesn’t load.
    * Regression:accelerated compositing slows down the whole machine.
    * : “Page Unresponsive” dailog box appears.
    * : Cannot enter a character in Comments field.

Download Chrome 9 Dev

Update – 5-Feb-2011 : The Final Version of Google Chrome 9 has been released. Use the following direct link to download.
Download Chrome 9 Stable Installer [23.96 MB]

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