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O&O AutoBackup allows you to automatically backup or synchronize selected files and folders to an external device – like USB drives, removable hard drives, memory card, and other storage devices that can attached to a USB. The application provides three different modes to backup or synchronize files; the first mode performs a full backup of files and folders, the second mode copies only new or modified files and folders without altering any files in the destination directory, and the third mode synchronizes the content of the source and destination drive. Backup operations can be set to be performed automatically whenever the working USB device is inserted or if preferred can be done manually.

O&O AutoBackup Sync

O&O AutoBackup is originally priced at $19, which you can now get for free. To request your free license, access this page and enter your email address.

Download O&O AutoBackup:
32-bit: oobt_1_0_106_x32_ENU.exe [6.6 MB]
64-bit: oobt_1_0_106_x64_ENU.exe  [7.7 MB]

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