Download Paragon Alignment Tool with Free Licence Key

Paragon Software has released a new innovative Alignment Tool and are offering free copies of the product till June-30-2010. Paragon Alignment Tool (PAT) solves misalignment problems on 4K hard disk drives, SSD, RAID, SAN and in virtual environments. It is the only tool available which aligns partitions in a single operation.

What is Paragon Alignment Tool (PAT) ?
Misalignment of logical partition sectors and actual physical sectors leads to redundant read/write operations, which is critical for overall performance, and with SSD, for its lifespan as well. Paragon Alignment Tool fixes these problems and will help you align partitions on physical and virtual disks according to internal device’s geometry without affecting the on-disk data.

How PAT Works :

Why Paragon Alignment Tool :

  • The only tool that aligns partitions in a single operation
  • Guarantees safety for the on-disk system and data
  • Boosts performance of disk subsystems up to 3 times
  • Significantly increases endurance of SSD drives
  • Alligns partitions inside virtual containers and the host
  • Alligns partitions on ultra high-capacity 4K hard disks
  • All our flagship products include this utility by default

How to apply for the free offer

Thanks to Ksenia Schevjeva [PR Manager, Paragon Software Group] for notifying about this promo.

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