Download Paragon Drive Backup 9.5 Pro with Free License

Offer Details :
Paragon Software is offering free license of Paragon Drive Backup worth $49.95. The offer is available for a limited time and will expire on May-04-2010. Paragon Drive Backup is a useful and reliable program which will help you protect your system and data against disasters. Drive Backup is complete and easy solution for hard disk backup, image, upgrade and cloning.

About Paragon Drive Backup :
Create complete backup of your hard disk or separate partition(s) without leaving Windows. Quickly restore operating system with all installed and configured applications, valuable documents and files in any disaster case. Backup image contains the most complete snapshot of hard disk or partition – data files, system and hidden files, compressed and encrypted files, boot records – and after restore on either old place or a new place it immediately becomes bootable and workable. Paragon HotBackup technology allows you to backup with no need to reboot Windows or close any application.

Key Features :

  • Basic Backup Features
  • · Backup an entire hard disk or separate partitions – primary, extended or logical
    · Backup the first track of a hard disk , MBRs, individual files and folders
    · Backup different combinations of disks and partitions to one archive
    · Schedule backup operations – Set and forget!

  • Basic Recovery Features
  • · Restore an entire hard disk, separate partitions (primary, extended, logical) or any combination of disks and partitions from one archive
    · Restore individual files and folders from file-level backup
    · Restore on Bare-metal
    · Restore the first track of a hard disk and the MBR

Instructions :
1. Visit the Giveaway page :
2. Click on the FREE Download button to download the setup

OR **Download the setup file from here

3. Now visit the following URL and Register to receive your free license key

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