Download Paragon Migrate OS to SSD with FREE License Key

Paragon Migrate OS to SSD is a program that can easily transfer Operating System files or personal files from Local Hard Drive to Solid State Drive (SSD). The program allows users to select folders/files for transfer, which makes it possible to transfer files on smaller capacity drives. In addition, Migrate OS to SSD’s convenient wizard allows transferring of files on a live system and also align partitions in the process.

Key Features :

  • Migrates Windows to larger or smaller storage devices in a single operation.
  • Supports any Windows since XP (including Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2).
  • Automatically aligns partitions on the destination disk if necessary.
  • Automatically detects and copies MSR for succesful migrations of Windows 7.
  • Allows the user to exclude data during the process in order to fit the destination disk.
  • Processes locked (in-use) disks with MS VSS to migrate without rebooting Windows.
  • Includes Paragon’s time-proven move/resize functionality.
  • Guarantees safety for the system and data.

Grab your free copy, worth $29.95 :

Visit the Promo Page (German). Enter your name and valid email address, then click on the “BESTATIGEN” button.

Instantly, you will receive an email from “[email protected]” with your free registration serial key and download link.

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