Download SentryBay Data Protection Suite with 6 Months Free License

SentyBay is offering free 6 months license of SentryBay Data Protection Suite for Buzz99 readers. But what’s the catch ?? There is no catch except the fact that SentyBay data protection suite is new and they are keen to receive feedback from users. So if you download the software please leave comment or feedback about what you feel about the software. Send some suggetions what can be done to improve the software.

SentryBay’s DataProtection Suite protects every keystroke you make providing real-time protection from malicious software. Just plug and play with no set-up or configuration needed. Your scrambler will show how each keystroke you make is replaced by a fake random keystroke – which is what spyware picks up. Screen captures are also prevented, as are attacks at other areas of a user’s operating system. SentryBay has more levels of protection and provide more comprehensive data security than any other solution. SentryBay’s regular reports will let you know what threats you are being protected from.

My Experience

I installed SentryBay Data Protection on Vista 32-bit and it worked as promised. I installed KGB Employee Monitor (keylogger) to test the Data Protection Suite. The keylogger stopped working and could only log scrambled texts. I was not even able to take screenshots with Snagit. (Normal prnt scr method still worked though) You can see that in the above Data Protection Screenshot I have turned off screen capture coz whenever i tried to take a screenshot with Snagit I got a white screen. *amazing* :D.

Conclusion: SentryBay Data Protection does not detect keyloggers but protects you from keyloggers by scrambling every keystroke you type. You are also protected from new and unknown keyloggers which antivirus softwares cannot detect (Example of such a keylogger would be MIPKO Employee Monitor which is hardly detected by any antivirus softwares). The anti screen capture prevents screen captures from 3rd party applications.

Instructions :
1. Visit the following Promo URL of SentryBay Data Protection Suite

2. Then click on the “Please click here to start the download” link.

3. Your download will start immediately. (The installer is only 1.47 MB)
(Note : This is the six months special trail installer and will allow you to use SentryBay Data Protection free for 6 months. If you have some suggestions about the product send your email to [email protected])

Thanks to Dave Waterson for this Promo Offer.

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