Download Sophos Free Encryption Tool

Sophos Free Encryption Tool allows you to create password protected encrypted archives so that you can share them easily. It is useful for individuals and business since it can easily protect your data for email communication. The tool integrates with most email applications to automatically create a new message with the selected encrypted archive already attached.

Sophos Free Encryption integrates with Windows Explorer and allows you to create or extract password-protected archives by simply right clicking on a file in Windows Explorer. It can also create self extracting archives so that the person who receives the encrypted file can open the file even if he/she does not have Sophos Free Encryption software.

Key Features :

  • Encrypt confidential data simply and easily
  • Share data securely, even without a common IT infrastructure
  • Ideal for businesses and private use
  • Works on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Visit the following URL to register and download Sophos Free Encryption Tool :
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