Download Wondershare Time Freeze with Free License Key

Wondershare is offering free license of Time Freeze worth $39. Time Freeze utilizes an advanced virtualization technology and creates a virtual system environment for your operating system, on which you run your applications and surf the internet. In this way, the actual system is under protection and will never be infected by viruses, malware, Trojans and other malicious threats. Simply reboot your computer to return to its original state. Meanwhile, you can save files and data to the actual system. It is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2000.

Key Features :

  • Easy and effective system protection
    *Easily switch between the actual system and virtual system. You don’t need to reboot computer.
    *Keep the actual system in a constant state, prevent computer from getting slower and slower with time.
    *Real-time system protection prevents malicious threats being made and doing harm to your computer.
    *Traces of surfing the internet and computer operation will disappear after reboot (You have the flexibility to save changes of virtual system to the actual system.)
    *Test software and game installations safely on virtual system
  • Folder protection
    *Mode 1: Disable access to the protected folders
    *Mode 2: Prohibit changing files in protected folders
    *Protect your files from being infected by viruses or Trojans
    *Protect your privacy effectively
  • Access protection
    *Manage the program with a custom password setting
    *Keep inexperienced users from making change to your settings and configures

Instructions :
1. Download the setup file of Wondershare Time Freeze

2. Visit the following Promo URL. Enter your name and valid email address then click on the Get Keycode button to receive your free license key. (The license key will be sent to your email address)

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